Tiny Giraffes

Every discipline reaches a point where someone gets excited and overreaches, and ridiculously.  There are different degrees.  Maybe the over-reacher simply makes themselves look bad, or worse there is a cluster of such individuals who taint the broader field.  Most often it is silly and harmless and no material foul occurs.

Its not a sailboat…its a schooner!

It happens in the art world occasionally when you read the explanation on wall at a museum exhibit and wonder which art history major with overly extravagant and flowery prose made “too much” out of  ”not really there”.   An artist may occasionally manufacture relevancy so they can “express” something so it can be deconstructed in to oblivion and unrecognizable non-meaning so over your head, that you could not possibly understand it.  (Just like this blog)

Movies like “There will be Blood” might make a point with a scene and then drag that scene on for an extra five minutes,  continuing to make the point already made.  You might be left wondering why the movie is not an hour and a half shorter.

Opulence, I has it

It happens in the wine world, a lot. The reviewers and chattering class have a tendency to  manufacture exclusivity and erect the velvet ropes around themselves and the craft (Though mostly I find actual winemakers to be pretty down to earth).  It happens all to often that someone new to wine,  or a casual drinker,  is made to feel inferior because they didn’t catch that hint of something in the finish (which may not have even been there at all).   The Billionaire’s Vinegar is a great read and an example of this silliness and exclusivity at such great heights that it damaged the credibility of an industry.

Believe it or not, ridiculous excess can also occur in the gourmet food industry.   Some individuals exhibit such overly developed food lust that it can be, well, creepy.  The $175 cheeseburger has been around for a while and so has eating sushi off of naked models.  Take your pick.

So what spawned this post?  Unfortunately  not an actual 5 inch pet giraffe (I wish!).  But I did catch up with a friend the other day who’s in the food/wine industry and who possesses one of the more terrific BS radars I’ve encountered.   She was in a large gourmet store in Manhattan when she saw a sign for a special. Her reaction she told me,  “WTF? It was so ridiculous I wanted to punch someone’s face.” (approximate paraphrase).

The sign,

“Raisins on the vine”…..$15.95 / lb

Joke’s on you buddy!

Sometimes art should look nice, food and wine should taste good, movies should be entertaining, and Bono should just sing.