About Us

My mother, Barbara, had a knack for infusing food with fun, particularly when entertaining. Among her repertoire of culinary tricks, her famous “Sweet Red” pepper relish was a crowd-pleaser. Growing up near the beach, our summers consisted of riding bikes to the shore, surfing, fishing, and sailing until the sun set. When it did, whether it was a family dinner, a barbecue, or a cocktail party with friends, my mom’s Sweet Red Pepper Relish elevated everything from hot dogs to baked brie to memorable heights.

Some of my favorite memories are of our 4th of July celebrations, when our friends and family would gather for the local fireworks show. As the years passed, the guest list grew more diverse, with friends from new schools, jobs, and cities joining us. But there was always one constant: mom’s Sweet Red Pepper Relish. It became a staple at every gathering, and our friends began requesting it for their own tables. We soon found ourselves bringing jars of relish with us on the road to pacify our hosts.  It wasn't long before their friends started raving about our relish, too.