About Us

My mom Barbara always had a knack for making food fun, especially when it came to entertaining. She had all sorts of tricks up her sleeve but everyone’s favorite was her famous “Sweet Red” pepper relish. Growing up near the beach, summers consisted of riding bikes to the shore, surfing, fishing, sailing, and basically having fun 'til the sun came down. When it did, whether we were with family or friends, at dinner, a sunset barbeque or a cocktail party, my mom’s Sweet Red Pepper Relish made anything from hot dogs to baked brie that much more memorable.

One of my favorite moments was every 4th of July when all our friends and family would gather for our local fireworks. As we grew up, the crowd became larger and more diverse with friends from new schools, new cities and new jobs. We always served mom’s Sweet Red and noticed that everyone became as, if not more, excited about the Sweet Red Pepper Relish than we were. Soon, whenever we hit the road we had to bring the relish along to pacify our hosts and we found that their friends started telling everyone about it too.

I came to realize that the same happiness I experienced with my family and friends can and should be, shared with others. And anyway, how could we keep a clean conscience by keeping such an amazing thing all to ourselves?